About Me - David F. Jones Photography


I bought my first camera,  a Minolta SRT 101,  almost 40 years ago when I moved to Texas.  I quickly fell in love with the art of photography and found I enjoyed landscape photography the most.  Now that most cameras are digital, I can couple my photography passion with my fondness for technology.   I've been fortunate to travel all over North America and my camera and tripod was usually with me much to the chagrin of my family who lovingly started calling me Captain Tripod.  Every time I look at one of my photos, for me it's a journey back to a unique place and time.   We are surrounded by God's beauty everyday and I feel privileged to have captured a small portion of it on digital film.  I hope you enjoy viewing my photos as I did taking them.


Several people have asked if they can order some of the photos.  In each Gallery, you have the option of purchasing any photo you like by clicking on the link - Buy Photo.  It will take you to an order page where you choose the photo size that will be developed by a nationally recognized processing lab and sent to your doorstep.